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100 New Mid-West Jobs - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

100 New Mid-West Jobs

15 July 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response by paul savage.

Good news today for people in the Mid-West with three companies announcing new jobs in this area. ON Semiconductors ( Mentor Graphics Ireland ( and PAFS Ireland all announced plans to add extra positions in the companies yesterday.

On Semiconductors, formally a part of Motorola, is a semiconductor company specialising in energy efficient silicon. They will be establishing a new research and development centre in Raheen Business Park, Limerick. It is expected that they will have up to 49 new employees there.

Mentor Graphics Ireland, who provide software tools as well as consulting for electronic design, will be expanding their operations at the Shannon Free Zone. They will add another 35 employees to their existing operation where they currently employ 80 workers. Mentor Graphics in Shannon mainly provide logistic and distribution services from Shannon.

PAFS Ireland, will create 15 new jobs in the business service industry for aircraft leasing.

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    i want to work as lawyer in ireland

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