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188 Cork Jobs and 50 Belfast Jobs - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

188 Cork Jobs and 50 Belfast Jobs

13 September 2007 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Wow today is just full of good news, we have three companies in Cork announcing jobs and we have one in Belfast.

The run down is as follows :

  1. An IT company SolarWinds will bring 75 jobs to Mahon, Co. Cork
  2. In Midelton, Co. Cork , Apex Fund Services will be recruiting 40 staff for their financial services business.
  3. In Macroom, Co. Cork EireBloc have announced that plans to recruit 73 staff in the next 2 years. EireBloc are a new startup company.
  4. Borland Software Corporation (anyone remember Borland C ?) are relocating their European base to Belfast and it’s estimated 50 new jobs will be created as a result. They want to bring their staff numbers from 30 to 80 before the end of 2008.

new jobs in cork and belfast

So it’s been a great week for new jobs in Ireland ! And what we find great is that most of these positions will be for new graduates in the coming year !

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