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3 Big Guns struggling (Intel/Motorola/Procter & Gamble) - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

3 Big Guns struggling (Intel/Motorola/Procter & Gamble)

18 January 2007 | Ireland | 5 Responses by paul savage.

EDIT : update available here.

Today three stories have broken at once, and has sent a few shock waves through Ireland. Intel & Motorola have said they are getting rid of jobs, and Procter & Gamble could possibly too.

Computer CPU maker Intel ( announced today that by the end of March they will be letting go 100 of their employees in their Leixlip Plant in Co. Kildare. A new restructuring strategy was blamed for the job losses.

Intel EX

This comes with their 4th Quarter returns for 2006, which show a disappointing 39% drop in profits. Although 100 from their 5,500 Irish employees isn’t a large number, it shows that they will remove jobs if necessary in Ireland.

As for Motorola (, they have brought the number of workers in their plant in Mahon, Cork to under 300 for the first time. Details about the cuts are not yet released to the media.

The bleak news from Procter and Gamble ( came today when it has been reported that they US multinational is looking to end production in one of it’s plants. In Ireland Procter and Gamble employ over 600 people at their plant in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. A final decision is due in the next few weeks.
And that’s the buzz around Ireland this morning, mental eh ? What a start to 2007 we’ve had !

5 Responses

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