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Boston Scientific worries - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Boston Scientific worries

21 October 2007 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Once again we have been a little bit late with the news, and lacking in reporting some of the big stories popping up around Ireland. But no more, we are back and revitalised after a bit of a break and a new outlook on life. So do expect a more regular service from Monday onwards. And here is a quick update about Boston Scientific. 🙂
Since Friday there has been alot of talk in Ireland about Boston Scientific ( and they fact that they plan to cut 13% of it’s global workforce. Boston Scientific are saying that an estimated 2,300 jobs are due to axed. It is expected that the Irish job losses will be minimal, at a fraction of the global percentage cut, which will be spread across the company’s operations 4 operating sites (Cork, Galway, Letterkenny and Tullamore). A spokesperson said today that precise details of the cuts would be made would be decided in the coming weeks, adding that the company had a ‘strong commitment’ to Ireland. Earlier this year the company said it planned to sell the Tullamore plant as part of the sale of its fluid management business.

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