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Coca-Cola cut 160 Jobs - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Coca-Cola cut 160 Jobs

29 August 2007 | Ireland | 2 Responses by paul savage.

News has come this Wednesday that Coca-Cola Ireland ( is to close one of their 3 plants in Ireland. They will be closing their plant in Drogheda, Co. Kildare in a years time. Coca-Cola also have plants in Ballina, Co Mayo & Athy, Co. Kildare. It is estimated that Coca-Cola will now only employ 540 people in Ireland in their bottling and concentrates production facilities. Labour union leaders accused Coca-Cola of mounting the action to close down a plant with union-organized workers in favour of the Ballina plant, where workers are not unionised.

coca-cola in ireland

 So that is the news in the drinks industry  in Ireland tonight. It’s time to head down to the pub to insure that they still have enough stocks of coca-cola left for me to add to my Jack Daniels.

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