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Dell cut over 5% in Ireland - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Dell cut over 5% in Ireland

30 April 2008 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Yesterday DELL ( announced that they will be cutting 250 Irish jobs from the plants in Dublin and Limerick. Overall the company employs 4,500 people in Ireland and this figure reflects just over 5% of their Irish staff numbers. Areas of DELL effected include sales/marketing/finance/tech support as well as other admin roles. Most of the job losses are expected to be in Dublin. Dell refused to confirm or deny further job cuts, but they did say that the other European operations will experience similar losses.

These redundancies have been announced in a period where DELL have experience double digit growth world wide, but they still need to cut costs. It is not yet clear whether DELL will reduce numbers further in Ireland, but with the current economic climate we can only speculate that it will more than likely happen. Dell has said that they will reduce their numbers by more than what the announced in May 2007. Last year we heard that the figures for losses of DELL in Ireland were to be around the 450 mark.

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