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Friday Article : Psychometric Testing - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Friday Article : Psychometric Testing

11 January 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response by paul savage.

Hello again, last week we talked a little about “career coaching” and searching for a new job in the new year. Hopefully that will have gotten you thinking about a possible change Now we are looking towards Psychometric Testing, when you actually apply for this great new job. Psychometric Testing is becoming more and more common place in companies in Ireland, and you should know the background behind it.

Psychometric Testing – The fear factor

Many of you have watched the TV show fear factor. Contestants put to their limits of fear with a variety of tasks like escaping from a car submerged in a swimming pool or eating a variety of insects and animal parts. One task never to make the show but strikes more fear than most other tasks is psychometric testing. Psychometric testing is popular but becoming even more popular with organisations to help them assess and select the right employee. Traditionally used by Multinationals it is now common to be assessed by many SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e. companies with under 250 employees).

taking psychometric tests

What is psychometric testing?

It is the area of study concerning the measurement of “psychological” aspects of a person including personality, skills, ability and knowledge. Typically most jobseekers will come across ability or aptitude tests (numerical and verbal tests), occupational personality questionnaire or assessment centres. Today most organisations who want to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment will consider these tools. They have moved beyond traditional interview and references because of the high failure rates and the associated costs.

Embrace psychometric testing.

Organisations use tests because traditional recruitment methods have failed. Psychometric testing improves recruitment decisions but also helps save time and money when recruiting. More importantly organisations realise that these tools offer more objectivity and fairness. This will justify their use but it does not eliminate jobseeker fear. I advise jobseekers that they too should embrace the psychometric testing phenomena. Why? As stated testing is a fair and objective way to recruit. It assesses against the keep skills, personality and abilities for the job and not gender, age or where you live. Psychometric testing can save you time and money by identifying sooner in the recruitment process if you are suitable or not. The most important point is that you don’t want a job that is not suitable – testing will help eliminate this.

Maximise your performance

The important point about preparation is to find out what is involved when psychometric testing is involved. Test covers a wide range of potential tools. If you are doing ability tests ensure you get access to practice questions before you sit the test. If you are doing a personality questionnaire there is little preparation as this is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. For more detail on preparation email


Article by Paul Mullan of Measurability offers Career Coaching to individuals (Career Direction, CV Design & Interview Coaching) and Assessment Solutions for businesses to improve their recruitment decisions.

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