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Getting a New Job in Ireland

When you start out looking for a job there are 3 things you need to think about, defining your goals, recognising your skills and finding the job. It can be as easy as 1/2/3. Everyone has different motives from changing jobs. Whether you are jumping ship from a failing IT firm or your are simply looking for more of a challenge, nobody is going to criticise you for setting out to get the best job for you.

Define your skills

The first step is define what are your skills ?, what are you good at ?, what are you passionate about?, do you have any special knowledge on a topic ?, what are your hobbies? What is your background? what have you worked previously? Write down the answers to those questions so you can better find the best job for yourself. Remember you need to sell yourself. So the more positive points you can think about yourself, the better.

What is your goal

Define you goal, what do you want to obtain? How much do you want to make a month or a week? You can start small and grow from there. How much time can you dedicate to a work at home job? will it be part time or full time? do you want a temporary job or a ongoing job. Once you have those answers write them down so you can reference to them.

Knowing your goals is a very important step. Remember that you are looking to follow a career path, it’s not just a job. Forecast what you will be doing in a year/5 years etc. Many people start on the job search not knowing what they want.

So you have defined your skills and you have set your goals, now its time to find the best job to suit your needs. Depending on the skills and goals you set you might want to start your search at different places.

If you want an off line job or traditional local job you can search at and where you will find many jobs and some work at home jobs. However if you are looking to work at your own time, either part time or on an ongoing basis and set your own price for your services you can work as a freelancer, search for the freelance networks, sign up and start looking at the job postings on the category that you prefer, you will find hundreds of the best work at home jobs.