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How Generous is your boss ? - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

How Generous is your boss ?

13 December 2006 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

A recent survey I’ve read on had some interesting statistics, which I read with a little grain of salt. The results state:

    • 82% of people say their boss paid for a work Christmas Party
    • 41% of people admit to have a romantic interoffice encounter at the party
    • 44% said they got a bonus, up 11% from last year.
      • 67% of these got bonuses of less than €1,000
      • 29% said they got a bonus of between €2,000- €5,000.
      • 5% said they got over €5,000.
    • 42% admitted to having an embarrasing incident at their work party.
      • an a whopping 71% of these blame drinking too much of the gargle.
    • 2% said they even resigned at their work party.

partying at the office

And the break down of who goes to their Work Christmas Party

    • 66% said they enjoyed their party
    • 24% said they dred the work party
    • 10% never, ever, go to the work do.

So how does your work do fear out ? Is it just something to keep the employees happy or does it serve as a good team event in the festive time.

This year I get to go to my first one, so I will report back here early next week.

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