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Friday Article : Interview Strategy - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Friday Article : Interview Strategy

12 October 2007 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Today’s article is written by Paul Savage, the editor of This article is about making sure you have the right mindset when going into an interview. With the right mind set you are much more likely to succeed.

Interview Strategy

It is important to have your goals set before you walk into an interview. You need to think about what you are prepared to take as an offer (money, holidays, bonuses, etc). Having your mind settled and focused will also help to keep you calmer when being interviewed. Composure is the name of the game once you walk in that door. If you are nervous or over anxious, you’re going to come across as desperate. This is something to avoid !

what an irish office is like

Interviewing, goes both ways

Remember that at an interview you are bringing something to the table, namely you. Your interviewer is bringing the job offer to the table. It is also their job to sell the job to you, to explain your responsibilities and expectations and job scenarios. Don’t let an over eager interviewer bully you into doing or saying something you don’t want to. Try to remember that when you go in to an interview, you are not on the back foot, simply because you are looking for something from them, they are also searching for the right candidate. It is important to explain your worries or open questions about the job.

From a position of power

Don’t be afraid to walk out on an interview. If someone is trying to push you towards the lower end of your expectations (remember we mentioned that you should have your minimum goal set ?), then it is important to know when there isn’t any point in taking the interview further. If the interviewer says that they can only offer €22k, but you know you will need €30k to live (or you know you are worth that), then the job is not for you. When you hear this, pack up your things and apologise that you think there have been some crossed lines. If the interviewer can go higher, this would be when they would change their tack. If not, well you haven’t lost anything. In fact you’ve saved yourself another 30 minutes of knowing you won’t take the job.

Decline the first offer

When you get your offer, remember it is only an offer. Play it cool, but obviously not too relax. Do continue with the fact that you are interested in the position, simply say you would have expected higher or more holidays , etc. Remember coming from a position of power you need to have the interviewer coming to you.

Multiple Opportunities

One of the ways you can increase you position of power, is by having multiple offers on the table. If you have gotten to the place where you are offered the job, then there is going to be some flexibility on conditions. Don’t be afraid to tell company A that you also have an offer from company B, but it is for €5,000 more. Using this technique can be a little dangerous if you don’t really have an offer, but it can help put the interviewer in their place. Often times interviewers will try and push for an answer straight away over the telephone, but again should not appear over enthusiastic. Simple request to see the contract and tell them that you will need to get someone to look over it. Try to push out the date of confirmation for at least a few days, a week is even better.


Hopefully these techniques and ideas will help you have the upper hand in your next interview. Remember that you can leverage a lot more from a position of power !

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