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31 March 2008 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Last week there was a security at Ireland’s Largest online recruiter. reported that last Thursday, March 27th, there was a security breech of their website and a number of CVs were stolen. Obviously these CVs contained a number of personal details and in the wrong hands these details could be used for illegal activities. One report mentions that up to 60,000 Irish CVs were stolen in this breech, which it is said were mostly archived CVs as opposed to current ones. hacked

These CVS would be of great interest to criminals who steal identities, as there are plenty of personal details on a CV. This is not the first such attack, recruitment websites have been targets of previous hacking attempts, last year was hacked. There is an announcement on website which states:

Dear Customers,

This notice is to bring to your attention a security breach that took place on the website on Thursday evening.

If you have not received an email from then your details have not been affected but we urge all our Users to follow the following safety tips:

  1. Do not disclose personal banking information
  2. Don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  3. Don’t open suspicious email attachments.

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to all our Customers who have been affected by this and assure you that we are taking every measure to insure that this won’t happen again.

A dedicated 24 hour customer helpline has been set up to deal with any further questions or concerns you may have. Please call +353 (0)1 680 8699 or email

Yours sincerely,

Huw Taylor – Recruitment Made Simple has also offered a helpline support for the people effected by this. Brian Honan from BH Consulting ( commends for being so upfront and honest about the whole situation. It is good to see that they had a quick turn around from detecting it, and letting their customers know. Don’t worry about our sister site JobsInIreland.ORG, doesn’t store the CVs, rather it sends the CVs directly to the employers, and none of your personal details are stored on our server.

For more, read the Jobs News report from Silicon Republic.

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