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Amgen stall for 2 years with 1.1k Jobs in Cork

4 April 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Amgen ( yesterday* said that they have rescheduled the building of their new plant in Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork for up to two years. The plant is now planned to be in production in 2012. After a global review of the companies operations. They reiterated that they are still planning to follow through on their €820 million investment in the project, that they committed to in 2006. The change in timeline is to allow them produce ‘a more efficient product‘. Amgen, who currently employ 130 workers at their plant in Cork, are a US bio-pharmaceutical company.

Amgen International

What is it with Cork and jobs recently ?

* sorry we are a bit late with the news, but it’s hard to keep on top of things.

Integra Lifesciences brings 65 new jobs to Offaly

2 April 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Integra Lifesciences brings 65 new jobs to Offaly

The US medical firm Integra Lifesciences ( has announced with the IDA ( that they have plans for 65 new jobs in their plant in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Integra Lifesciences manufactures medical devices for the treatment of neuro trauma and neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery and soft tissue repair.

Integra Lifesciences

In Tullamore, Integra Lifesciences produces an ultrasonic aspirator used for the destruction of tissue in for the treatment of tumours.

The jobs will be primarily in the engineering field and will be supported by the IDA.

Sky Ireland & Abtran to bring 100 new jobs to Cork

30 March 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

More good news for the people of Cork. Today Sky Ireland ( in association with Abtran ( (a business process outsourcing company) have announced that they will be creating 100 new jobs in Abtran’s Headquarters in Bishopstown, Cork. These new positions will be mainly customer services jobs, and the expected start date is June/July 2006.

abtran logo

GlaxoSmithKline & Tykerb to bring 150 new jobs for Cork

28 March 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Wow this week is going well for new Irish jobs news [1] & [2]…
It is expected that later this week that the US pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline (, will announce up to 150 new jobs in Cork. One of GSK’s latestest treatment drugs, Tykerb, a treatment for breast cancer, has recently (March 2007) been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This new drug has shown in clinical trials to double the life expectancy rate of those being treated for breast cancer, and it is expected to be one of the biggest selling drugs on the world wide market in coming years.

GSK logo

This news will help to ease the pain of Pfizer announcing massive job losses earlier this month. There has been over 1,200 job looses in Cork alone, since the start of the year.

IBM Expanding in Cork & Galway

27 March 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on IBM Expanding in Cork & Galway

More good news about Irish jobs, this time from computer giant IBM ( All together there will be 130 new jobs, 100 in Cork and 30 in Galway. These positions will mainly be software developmental related. This announcement should come from Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment, Micheal Martin later today.

IBM Logo

Let’s hope that there will be more new IT jobs announced in the coming future, which will help bare the brunt of loss of companies like Motorola & Bourns Electronics.

Digiweb to add 200 new jobs in Dublin

26 March 2007 | Ireland | 4 Responses

The internet service provider DigiWeb ( has announced plans to create 200 new jobs in their technology campus in Blanchardstown, Dublin. The new centre will concentrate on 4G mobile technology. There are jobs available for Cisco, network and IP engineers, project managers and project development staff , so if you are in the business and looking for a job, send your CV to them     ASAP.

Personally, us here at Irish Jobs didn’t think that there was a plan for 4G, hey, we are still getting used to 3G or 2.5G or what ever runs on our phones/smoke signal machines . 😉

Equifax to add 180 jobs in Wexford

22 March 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

via SiliconRepublic

Equifax ( has announced today that they have a plan to add 180 jobs to their Irish operations over the next 5 years. Equifax is one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the US and they collect and manage credit, financial, demographic and marketing information and analyse it for their customers.

Finally we have some good news to bring you ! We were thinking that this was going to be another sad week here at , reading the notices of companies in trouble and or closing in Ireland.

Shannon Airport to ballot on €36 million plan

22 March 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses

More trouble brewing in the Shannon region, this time there is a ballot by SIPTU as to accept management plans to axe 200 jobs to secure the future of the Co. Clare airport. A verdict is expected by next Thursday (29th March 2007). Part of the ballot focuses on the redundancy plans, previously workers refused the 10-week per year of service plan, which was capped at 2.5 years salary pay out. Now this cap has been raised to 3 years.

Shannon Airport

The lump sum for remaining employees has been increased from €10,000 to €16,000, which is payable in two sums. One of the strategies for Shannon airport to reduce numbers is the planned outsourcing of the catering facilities, and to redeploy the staff to other departments.

With the new plan the airport plans to save, €10m a year, although it will be at least 4 years before the benefit will be noticed as the predicted cost of the redundancies and other premiums is in the region of €36m.

Shannon Aerospace in Possible Trouble

19 March 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Jobs at Shannon Aerospace ( could be in jeopardy according to a report in the Sunday Independant. Martin Kaiser is quoted as saying the company is “certainly a danger of it closing down”. Shannon Aerospace, an aviation overhaul company, which employs 700 staff in their offices in Shannon, Co. Clare, are a subsidiary of Lufthansa Tecknik AG.

Shannon Aerospace Logo

Mr Kaiser continued, he warned that if by April 30th a pay resolution  with SIPTU isn’t achieved  “the future of the company will not be decided by local management here but by our main shareholder, the German airline Lufthansa” . Shannon Aerospace has had an on going confrontation with workers and SIPTU over pay levels and costs.

We’re sure that this will be one of the hot jobs new topics in the coming month in Ireland, let’s hope that this all pans out for the best.

From Kilcock to Dong Guan

16 March 2007 | Ireland | 4 Responses

75 jobs in Kilcock, Co. Kildare have been given the axe from the sweets manufacturer Zed Candy ( The company’s Managing Director, Brendan Roantree has announced that they will be moving operations to Dong Guan in China in mid 2008. Again the company cited increasing costs of operating in Ireland as their main reason for heading to China.

Waterford Drug Firm Lays off 200

14 March 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Waterford Drug Firm Lays off 200

Waterford firm Sanofi-aventis ( has just announced that they are reducing their workforce by 200 today. The general manager, Micheal McGrath stated that the decision was not a reflection on the Waterford workfoce. The management gave the reason that because of the the extra available capacity in another plant that they were enabled to reduce their Irish workforce. These jobs will be phased out towards the end of the year.
Sanofis-aventis also employs a further 140 staff in their commercial operations base in Dublin.

O2 Ireland to Shed 100 Jobs

14 March 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses


Mobile Phone operator 02 ( has plans to ask for up to 100 voluntary redundancies from their staff in Dublin. This should bring the staff numbers to just under 18 thousand in Ireland (and estimated 5.5% reduction). This move comes quickly after Vodafone had announced plans to leave 80 staff go earlier this week.

So more and more international companies are tightening their belts in Ireland and probably looking towards the new emerging EU countries (like Hungary, Poland etc.) with a cheaper labor cost and cheaper operating costs. While still holding on to the favorable trading agreements in Ireland

Irish Maternity Benefit & Parental Leave

13 March 2007 | Ireland | 47 Responses

Since the budget in 2007, Irish mothers are entitled to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave, which is an increase of 4 weeks since the previous budget. And there is a further 16 weeks entitlement for unpaid maternity leave. Maternity leave is paid at the rate of 80% of your average weekly wages for the previous year, and it is at minimum €207.80 and a maximum €280.00 per week. The correct term for this is Maternity Benefit

Irish Paternity Benefit

Currently there is no policy for paid/unpaid paternity leave in Ireland. But there is something called Parental Leave (see below) which may apply.

Parental Leave in Ireland

The Parental Leave Act 1998, as amended by the Parental Leave (Amendment) Act 2006, allows parents in Ireland to take parental leave from employment in respect of certain children. A person acting in loco parentis with respect to an eligible child is also eligible.
You are not entitled to pay from your employer while you are on parental leave nor are you entitled to any social welfare payment equivalent to Maternity Benefit or Adoptive Benefit. Parental leave is available for each child and amounts to a total of 14 weeks per child. Where an employee has more than one child, parental leave is limited to 14 weeks in a 12-month period. This can be longer if the employer agrees. (This restriction does not apply in the case of a multiple birth, such as twins or triplets.)

Rules for Parental Leave

  • Generally you need to be working for 1 year for this to apply.
  • Parental leave is to be used only to take care of the child concerned. If the parental leave is taken and used for another purpose the employer is entitled to cancel the leave.
  • You need to give 6 weeks written notice of your request. This should state the starting date and how long it will last

Maternity Benefit / Parental Leave Summary

Type Paid / Unpaid Duartion
Maternity Leave Paid Leave 26 weeks
Maternity Leave Unpaid Leave 16 weeks
Parental Leave Unpaid Leave 14 weeks

Accenture and GSK announce new jobs

11 March 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Accenture and GSK announce new jobs

With the terrible news last week that almost a thousand jobs in Ireland were to be axed by Procter & Gamble, Bourns Electronics and Motorola, now we can bring some better news. Accenture (, who are one of the world’s biggest management and technology consultancies, has announced new plans to create 100 jobs in Dublin, this move which will increase its Irish workforce to over 1,600. And up to 150 jobs will be created in Cork if drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline ( receives regulatory approval for a new drug to treat breast cancer this week. This would bring their workforce numbers to around 1,400 people in Ireland. 😀

330 Jobs go in Motorola

9 March 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

bye bye motorola

As we mentioned at the end of January , Motorola’s plant in Mahon, Cork was feeling the pinch. Yesterday RTÉ published that 330 of the 350 staff are set to be made redundant. The workers are expected to hear about the job losses in an early morning meeting today. Motorola will shut the plant completely and it is expected that 20 staff will move to other locations. This really has been a bad week for layoffs, first there was Proctor & Gamble with 560 jobs and then it was Bourns Electronics with 80 jobs.