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Having a bad day at work ?

10 January 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

There a current news story going on about the fire brigade in Kilkenny, who a week before Christmas went to the wrong address. These guys were certainly having a bad day, when they turned up to quench a non-existent fire and when they realised that the real fire was over 16 miles away.
It took them a total of 28 minutes to reach the blazing inferno and buy that time the house was completely gutted. Currently there are two investigations going on to find out how this could happen. More from the here.
Still thinking you are having a bad day ?

Ireland has the lowest rate of ‘direct’ tax in EU

8 January 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Ireland has the lowest rate of ‘direct’ tax in EU

Via our friends at

“Comparing the combined costs of tax and employee and employer social insurance costs with the total cost of employment, Ireland post Budget is found to have the lowest percentage cost. This was only a marginal advantage in 2005 but the gap between Ireland and Cyprus has increased to 1.44%. Malta and Luxembourg continue to be third and fourth respectively.”

Read the rest [here]. So basically we are better off in 2007, we are now paying on average €530 less to the government that we did in 2006.

euros euros

So we are paying the lowest in terms of direct taxation to fine people in the Dáil, but what about indirect taxation (i.e. VAT and excise duty) ? I’m sure this brings up the cost.

Unemployed told to “Get down to the FÁS office, double time”

5 January 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Unemployed told to “Get down to the FÁS office, double time”

Today the departments of Social Affairs and Enterprise & Employment have come together to tackle the unemployment problem. Previously people who were claiming unemployment benefit had 1/2 a year before then had to go to a FÁS office either to get training or go on a work placement program. Now Social Affairs Minister Seamus Brennan and Enterprise & Employment Minister Micheál Martin have teamed up and gotten tough on these “unemployable” people. They now have 3 months to present themselves, or face penalties.
This is an aim to further reduce the 4.4% unemployment figures. Mr Brennan is quoted as saying

“The change which is just starting now, will mean that people must now go to FÁS after three months rather than after six months. It’s designed to encourage the long-term unemployed to train or to return to work.”

Personally I think this is great. Force those lazy people to do something a little bit more proactive, and make them learn something new for their dole money. Let’s see will it have an impact on the number of people on the live register.

a whopping rise in Priests in 2006, 36% !

4 January 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on a whopping rise in Priests in 2006, 36% !

The number of new priests starting in 2006 have been released today by the Catholic Communications Office. It appears that there was a 36% growth in the market for priests starting off their journey to fatherhood. Sadly the statistics lie a little, or hide the truth at least. The numbers only grew by 7 fine lads. Last year 26 guys entered the priesthood compared with 19 in 2005.

Rising numbers of Priests in Ireland

This comes as a bit of a surprise when you see that numbers of people being ordained has fallen by half from 2001, where 39 brand new priests were unleashed to last year with only 19 new bible touting fellows.

Yes, I agree, it’s been a slow day for news about jobs in Ireland, maybe tomorrow I will just make up something more news worthy 😉 If anyone wants more statistics about the church in Ireland, you can look at page 33 of [this] EDIT: for some reason it is no longer possible to find the report on their website, sorry. 

First Irish Strike of 2007 ? The Nurses are off !

2 January 2007 | Ireland | 16 Responses

Irish Nursers are today voting on whether to take industrial action in an effort to get better pay and working conditions. I guess why else would they be striking ? Anyway they are looking for a wages increase in the region of 10% and a reduction of their weekly hours from 39 to 35. The INO & PNA are balloting 40,000 nurses from today as if they will start their plan escalation of protesting. They plan to start initially with demonstrations and marches, then removing coverage at lunchtime with a work to rule approach and then eventually completely withdrawing their service.

Nurse pushing a chair

So should nurses get more pay, we’re thinking, yes sure. But there is an official way to go through this in Ireland, it’s the government public service benchmarking committee. Also if you reduce the working hours by just over 10%, then you will in theory need 10% more workers, or you will have to pay the nurses overtime for working these hours, which is in effect yet another wages increase.

EDIT: (11/04/’07) Some Links:

  • There is also an interesting read here that might be interesting for some of our readers. It’s a doctors take on all of this
  • And [here] is something from Donncha O’Caoimh, who talks about his hands on experience at the newly opened maternity unit of the CUH in Cork

Wages on the Rise in Ireland

28 December 2006 | Ireland | Comments Off on Wages on the Rise in Ireland

The average industrial wage in Ireland rose by 3.5% in the first nine months of this year, compared to the same period in 2005. Figures being released by the Central Statistics Office also show that the economy is now employing almost 5,000 more industrial workers.

Workers in electricity, gas and hot water supply jobs earned the highest hourly rate of the industrial trades at €29 per hour, which is a whopping €20 more than the minimum wage. The average industrial wage in Ireland as of September of this year stood at just over €600 per week. This has risen by 3.5% from the figure of €580 in September of last year. This has been a welcomed increase due to the ever increasing cost of living in Ireland. Many recent studies have shown that Ireland is up in the top 3 most expensive countries to live in, in Europe.

euros euros

So wages and cost of living are both increasing, is there an end in sight ? When will this level of growth level out ?

Irish Jobs Market predicted to slow down in 2007

24 December 2006 | Ireland | Comments Off on Irish Jobs Market predicted to slow down in 2007

The national training and education authority, which published its Irish Labour Market Review 2006 yesterday, has forecast employment growth of around 2.8% — or between 57,000 and 60,000 jobs — during 2007. In addition, unemployment numbers are expected to rise marginally from 94,000 this year to 99,000 in 2007.

Speaking at yesterday’s report launch, Mr Martin added that “immigration and the increase of the number of women in the workforce were the key drivers of productivity during this year”. He also said that the labour force here — or the number of people who are actually eligible or available for work — reached 92,000 this year.

Next year’s slight slowdown in growth will come mainly from an expected slowdown in the construction sector.

“The vast majority of the employment growth this year and next is expected to come from the services sector, while the contribution of the construction sector is forecast to change from being strongly positive in 2006 (it added 19,000 jobs) to being broadly neutral in 2007 (adding only an estimated 1,000 new jobs in comparison),” said Rody Molloy, director general of FÁS.

Minimum Wage set to increase in 2007

20 December 2006 | Ireland | 79 Responses

Before the end of the year, and the Dáil break for Christmas, the government is tipped to announce an increase in the minimum wage. The Labour Court recently recommended that the wage be increased from €7.65 an hour to €8.30 an hour on January 1 and to €8.65 an hour on July 1.

wad of notes

Sources this morning say the Government has yet to agree on the exact level and timing of the increase, but sources had indicated that it would be close to the Labour Court proposal.

This would bring the minimum wage for a 40-hour week from €306 up to €346 per week, or just under €18k/year. More information on Minimum Wage in Ireland can be found [here]

With the increasing cost of fuel and foods items in Ireland, it has to be a much needed improvement. Sure who doesn’t want more money for working, sadly the only reason it’s coming about is the pressure from the Government on employers. Maybe the Government are getting worried about the up coming General Election in 2007.

Let’s see how businesses like McDonalds and Dunnes Stores deal with the increase, who are known for using younger workers for minimum wage. Maybe they will move to strict policy of only hiring people who are in their first year of work after the age of 18 (these people get 80% of min. wage) or under 18 years old (they get 70% of min wage).
Hopefully the increase will help to get rid of the post Christmas shopping bills !

Table of Minimum Wages for Ireland 2007

Age As of Jan 1st 2007 As of July 1st 2007
Under 18 €5.81 €6.06
Over 18 in first year of employment
since they turned 18
€6.64 €6.92
over 18 in second year of employment
since they turned 18
€7.47 €7.79

It may further be reduced by up to €7.73 a day if lodgings or food are provided as part of a job.

BUPA ‘forced’ out of the Irish Market

17 December 2006 | Ireland | 5 Responses

As per their press release BUPA Ireland Ltd. has announced that as and from December 14th 2006, they will begin to pull out of the Irish market. They cite the Risk Equalisation Scheme as the reason why they have had to withdraw. It was costing the company over €1million every week, because of the measures imposed by the Irish Government. The move is expected to result in the loss of around 300 jobs, most of them in Fermoy, Co Cork.

bye bye bupa

The company claimed the move would force it to hand over €161m to its rival over three years, even though its profits for the period would be just €64m.

Minister for Health Mary Harney has issued a statement saying the Government regrets the latest development and believes health insurance should be available to people of all ages without price discrimination based on risk characteristics.

So what does it mean, now Ireland only has one private Health Insurance body, namely the semistate organisation VHI. Which results in a lack of further competition ? Is it just business at the end of the day or was it a silly mistake by the Irish government to force their hand ?

More about this can be found [here]

How Generous is your boss ?

13 December 2006 | Ireland | Comments Off on How Generous is your boss ?

A recent survey I’ve read on had some interesting statistics, which I read with a little grain of salt. The results state:

    • 82% of people say their boss paid for a work Christmas Party
    • 41% of people admit to have a romantic interoffice encounter at the party
    • 44% said they got a bonus, up 11% from last year.
      • 67% of these got bonuses of less than €1,000
      • 29% said they got a bonus of between €2,000- €5,000.
      • 5% said they got over €5,000.
    • 42% admitted to having an embarrasing incident at their work party.
      • an a whopping 71% of these blame drinking too much of the gargle.
    • 2% said they even resigned at their work party.

partying at the office

And the break down of who goes to their Work Christmas Party

    • 66% said they enjoyed their party
    • 24% said they dred the work party
    • 10% never, ever, go to the work do.

So how does your work do fear out ? Is it just something to keep the employees happy or does it serve as a good team event in the festive time.

This year I get to go to my first one, so I will report back here early next week.

Wisconsin looking at Irish Free Fees Idea

11 December 2006 | Ireland | Comments Off on Wisconsin looking at Irish Free Fees Idea

The state of Wisconsin in the US, is looking into the possibility of offering students free tution for 4 years of college if they promise to stay and work in the state for up to 10 years.

Apparently the commission was so impressed with the turn around in the Irish economy, with the introduction of free fees in 1990’s, that they wanted to try it out for themselves. And see if it could give the struggling state some upper hand in retaining their new graduates. In Ireland this program costs the Irish government 2.5 billion a year, and it could possibly cost the state of Wisconsin significantly more.

Vodafone Ireland to axe jobs ?

8 December 2006 | Ireland | 1 Response

Vodafone Ireland have been reported in the Irish News papers that they poised to shed up to 500 jobs in Ireland. The company is currently performing an ongoing internal audit, which will likely lead to job cuts. These results aren’t expected until mid to late January 2007.

Vodafone Ireland has been quoted saying that although job layoffs are a possibility, it won’t be to the extend of what is currently being mentioned by the press. Vodafone employ almost 2,000 staff in Dublin & Dundalk and around the country in their owned retail stores.

This news comes with the rumour that Xerox Ireland are also reviewing their position in Dublin & Ireland.


Budget 2007, winners & losers

6 December 2006 | Ireland | 2 Responses

Minister Brendan Cowen will deliver his Annual Budget today. This year there has been better-than-expected Government earnings, so Mr Cowen may be persuaded to trim up to 2% off the 42% top rate of income tax while also significantly increasing tax credits.

The Old Age Pension is also expected to rise above €200/week for the first time. Speaking ahead of today’s Budget, Mr Cowen told RTÉ: “We will have an enhanced health package. Care for the elderly is an important issue. It is also vital that the disability sector is looked after.”


  • A packet of cigarettes increase by 50c
  • Pensioners will get €209.50 / week
  • Minimum unemployment benefit €185.50 / week
  • Top rate of tax is reduced to 41%, for people earning over €34k / year
  • Higher entry into tax bands, now it’s €17,600 / year, so 88k fall from the tax band.
  • Special Olympics Ireland will get a €2 million, one off allocation. And there is no tax going to be charged for land and buildings used for tax purposes.
  • No increase in diesel, petrol and alcohol excise duties.
  • Mortgage interest relief will double, to €133 for a married couple or €66 for a single person

Over all it seem okay. At least they are trying to add in some changes. Changing the top tax bracket does seem like a let down low earners, who would like to see the richer people paying more (as they can afford more). Also 50c on 20 cigarettes is a significant increase, but probably not enough to stop people from buying. The Irish Heart foundation had requested a €2 increase.

Are you happy with the budget ? Will it make a change ? add your comments

Breaks Entitlement in Work

5 December 2006 | Ireland | 29 Responses

From : Work Solutions :

Your right to breaks are protected under the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. After 4.5 hours of work you are entitled to 15 minutes break. If the hours are greater than 6 hours the entitlement is 30 minutes which can include the 15 minute break already referred to. Breaks are not considered ‘working time’ so your employer does not have to pay you for your break.

How many people actually adhere to these rules & regulations ? I’m sure there are some employers that actively make it difficult for their employees to take proper breaks. If you are one of these people, let us know !

Eli Lilly to add 200 jobs in Cork

4 December 2006 | Ireland | Comments Off on Eli Lilly to add 200 jobs in Cork

€400m will be invested in the next 5 years by the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly in Kinsale, Co. Cork. It is planned that they will produce cancer treatments as well as medicine for diabetics & people with Alzheimers.

There plans will add 200 jobs to their existing 450 man site. This is the fourth such big announcement in Ireland in the last few months.