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ServiceSource add 100 jobs

21 February 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on ServiceSource add 100 jobs

Great news has come today about ServiceSource ( who are add up to 100 new jobs at the offices in Cherrywood, Co. Dublin. Their aim is to bring the working numbers from 180 up to a round 300 by the end of the year. These jobs will mostly be for sales staff with multi-lingual skills.

service source jobs

ServiceSource helps companies increase their sales revenues and have clients like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, AT&T.

Micheal Martin , the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment

It is a real vote of confidence in Ireland and in Dublin that a highly innovative and vibrant company like ServiceSource chose to expand its operations here,’

Arnotts Jobs Changes

18 February 2008 | Ireland | 3 Responses

Mixed news came last week from Arnotts, Ireland’s oldest and largest department store in Dublin, about changes in their staffing. The plan is to cut 580 jobs during the construction of their new development, called Northern Quarter . The union Mandate stated that it expects most of these 580 redundancies to be compulsory.

jobs changes in arnotts

All is not lost for Arnotts, as they plan to ramp up the number of employees once the construction is completed. Currently 950 people work for the Arnotts Group, which will shrink to just 370 during construction. Once the project is completed it is estimated that they will require up to 1,200 staff in total.The Northern Quarter will create around 1,000 jobs during construction of this €1 billion development . It is expected that over 5,000 people will work in the shops/bars/restaurants once the project is completed.

Citco Fund Services add 150 jobs in Cork

18 February 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on Citco Fund Services add 150 jobs in Cork

Citco Fund Services ( have announced that they will be expanding their hedge funds operation in Cork City. 150 new jobs will be established with the help of the IDA ( over the coming 3 years. Currently Citco employs over 1,000 people in Ireland, and they are looking to expand their Irish operations. Their main focus for recruitment will be 3rd level graduates with accounting and business backgrounds. The Citco Group is a privately held global financial services organisation comprising international banks, trust and fund services companies.

new jobs at citco

For those of you who are interested in jobs, you should check out their open opportunities page. And then send your CV to them.

Please send CV to Citco at:
Fax: 021 432 2050

HR Department
Citco Data Processing Services Ltd.
2600 Cork Airport Business Park
Kinsale Road

SerCom to cut 120 Limerick jobs

14 February 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response

News has come today that the supply chain management specialist , SerCom Solutions ( will be cutting 120 jobs at their computer assembly plant in Limerick. From the start of May they will ceases their production and assembly of LCD displays for notebooks. Staff at the Limerick plant were informed last night of the bad news, and that the reason for the lay-offs at SerCom was because of the decrease in customer orders.

sercom to lay off 120 people in Limerick

Back in June 2006 SerCom laid off 220 staff in Dublin, after opening a plant in China.

Friday Article : Lying on your CV

8 February 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response

It’s all about your CV this week. Last week we mentioned about how you should “lay your CV out and what you should include in it” this week we are going to talk about what not to put in your CV. Many people include things the haven’t done, or qualifications they never achieved, but lying in an interview or on your CV is a very risky business. Read on and find out why….

Professional CV Writing – CV Lies

CV’s by their nature are biased as they are a self written document. There is a fine line between selling oneself and the blatant lies. A recent survey indicated that 86% of employers believed that most of the CV’s and applications they received contained lies. In fact the same survey found out that some HR managers had bent the truth on their own CV’s to help them secure jobs. Competition in the job market has increased as have the potential rewards. This has led to increased fabrication and more worryingly an acceptance of this behaviour in the jobs arena

Most common CV lies

writing a professional CV

The most common lies included qualifications, hiding career gaps, magnifying responsibilities and fictional job titles. Jobseekers falsify qualifications, the level of qualifications, leave out the fact that they didn’t complete or failed a qualification and some jobseekers are actually buying qualifications on the internet. Job responsibilities are increased and some jobseekers give themselves a promotion with the flick of a few keys on the keyboard. Filling in the gaps between employment and periods when jobseekers were out of work is quite common too.

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Ireland Unemployment Rate at a 7.5 year high

3 February 2008 | Ireland | 11 Responses

Last month the Irish Unemployment rate rose to a 7.5 year high, coming in at just under 5%. The 4.9& figures haven’t been seen since the year 2000. The main reason cited for the higher rate, is the Irish economy’s dependence on the United States as well as the hole in the Irish construction market. Since the mid 1990’s more than 600 American multinationals have setup in Ireland. But with the ever weakening doller/euro rate, companies are finding it harder and harder to keep their operations in Europe afloat. There are now 179,400 people claiming unemployment benefit (this includes part time workers). This figure has risen 14.3% year on year.

Looking for Work in Ireland

Irish Unemployment Rate 2008

Back in August 2007 we reported that the unemployment rate was at 4.7% and in November this rose further to give an unemployment rate of 4.8% . This begs the question will we see the figure rise over the 5% mark in 2008 ? Let’s keep an eye on the CSO (

200 jobs axed in Tipp and Monaghan

2 February 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on 200 jobs axed in Tipp and Monaghan

News has come this evening that 2 comopanies together are shedding 220 jobs from their operations. The Merriott radiator plant in Clonmel, Co Tipperary, is to close resulting in 90 job losses. While up north in Co. Monaghan, Grove Turkeys plans to loose 130 workers. Grove will now only operate seasonally, in Easter and Christmas times.  This will never the less have a knock on effect on around 85 farmers in the area. Last year they supplied over 2 million turkeys to the Irish market. Both of these companies had been operating for a long period of time (Grove Turkeys since 1972 and Merriot, formally Barlo Group, since 1967). Both companies blamed the changing landscape in trading conditions as to their reason for closing.

Friday Article : Professional CV Writing

1 February 2008 | Ireland | 3 Responses

Hello again, last week we talked a little about “Outplacement Services” and explained this new and emerging trend in Ireland. Today we are going to discuss about Professional CV Writing. At some stage in your life you will probably need help and advice about writing a CV, and here are our tips to get you started in this.

Professional CV Writing – Content and Layout

If you regularly read the news on this site you will notice a dramatic increase in the number of job losses. This will impact those directly affected but also have a knock on effect for jobseekers currently job hunting. Redundancy will mean an increase in competition in the job market. Jobseekers will have to change with the changing market and this will mean taking a professional approach to CV design and interview preparation. I will focus on CV writing and design for this article and address interviews in a later post.

have your cv done professionally

Your CV needs to have focus

Over 95% of CV’s fail because they lack focus. What I mean is that they are written without any though about the reader and what they want. When jobseekers start to realise that CV’s are not actually about them they will start to see a vast improvement in their application to interview ratio. A CV does contain information about you the jobseeker BUT what information will depend on what is important to the potential employer. You have to write about what the employer will want to read.
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From Arklow to Costa Rica for Allergan

30 January 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on From Arklow to Costa Rica for Allergan

Silicon Breast implant manufacturer, Allergan ( has announced that it will be closing in June 2009. The plant in Arklow, Co. Wicklow employs 350 people will close and the production will be moved to Costa Rica where the cost of employment is significantly cheaper. It is not yet known as to whether the other offices in Mayo & Dublin will be effected or not.

Allergan pharmacuticals to close

Edit for a great animation referencing Allergan, you can check out Green Ink. 😀

Jacobs take their biscuits and 228 jobs

28 January 2008 | Ireland | 4 Responses

228 jobs are set to go at the Jacobs ( factory in Tallaght, Dublin. Management said the factory was working at only 16% of it’s full capacity compared with other plants. Also most of the equipment was severely outdated, which led to it being an extremely uncompetitive facility. The redundancy package is estimated to be worth around €10 million to the staff in Belgard Road factory.

jacobs to close in dublin

Manufacturing will cease by early 2009. It is also reported that the site alone could be worth €100 million, so the payment of redundancies is only a small percentage out of this. The 27 acre site could be sold at an estimated €4 million per acre it has been suggested.

Friday Article – Outplacement Services

25 January 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response

Hello again, last week we talked a little about “Psychometric Testing” and explained that it isn’t something to worry about. Today we are going to discuss Outplacement Services , it’s probably a word you’ve heard many times but were too afraid to ask and find out what is really involved.

About Outplacement

Will we witness the same amount of redundancies in 2008 as we did in 2007? I am expecting that we will. Although I think that we still have a strong economy in Ireland, we now work in a business environment with rapid technology advancements, shorter product cycles and other factors which makes change inevitable. This change is often in the form of headcount reductions or as we know it redundancy. Once there was a time when employees joined a company and 40 years service later they got a gold watch. This would certainly be rare in today’s working environment. The rise in the number and frequency of redundancies has witnessed the rise of use of the term outplacement in boardrooms and HR circles.

info about outplacement in Ireland

Outplacement Services Recommendation

EDIT : Over the course of the year we have received many enquires from large and SME’s about outplacement services. This article was written by Paul Mullan from and we can recommend him as an expert on outplacement services.

What are outplacement or transition services?

Generally speaking it is a service to help companies and affected individuals through this delicate period. Outplacement covers everything to do with redundancy. Most focus in on the individuals directly affected and losing their jobs and includes coaching and support, career assessment, CV design, interview coaching and support through to finding alternative employment, education or training. Other focus from these services covers supporting those within the organisation including other employees and management not directly impacted.

What are the benefits for the individual?

Redundancy is a difficult time for those affected and even very confident individuals can suffer from a confidence lapse. Any form of support can help with the anger, fear and low self-esteem associated with redundancy. The key purpose of outplacement is to help individuals transition into new employment, education and training. Outplacement services will offer professional advice and support ensuring that this is a quicker and smoother transition.
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Glenaden Shirts cuts 50 jobs

19 January 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on Glenaden Shirts cuts 50 jobs

The Derry shirt form Glenaden Shirts is cutting their staff of 85 down to 30. The stated the reason for the cuts as they need to move part of the production abroad. Glenaden makes shirts for top end designers like Thomas Pink, Burberry and Aquascutum. The also have a number of their own brands. Last year was a record breaking year for Glenaden, where sales increased 30% to £4.4 million, but never the less they are cutting the jobs.

job losses at glenaden

1500 SR Technics jobs under pressure

17 January 2008 | Ireland | 3 Responses

According cording to some reports the North Dublin aircraft maintenance company SR Technics ( is facing closure. It is estimated that 1,500 jobs could be in danger, at the company formaly called Team Aerlingus. The main reason for the jobs threats is the loss of a lucrative Aer Lingus maintenance  contract. For the last ten years, the contract was taken care by SR Technics, but now Aer Lingus are separating the contract into 4 sub contracts, and so far SR Technics has failed to two of these (namely the component maintenance contract and the wheels and brakes maintenance contract).

sr technics underpressure

Tomorrow will Aer Lingus will announce the contract for the aircraft frame, and at the end of the month they will find out about their key line maintenance contract.

Wyeth invests 5million euro

14 January 2008 | Ireland | Comments Off on Wyeth invests 5million euro

Today there is some great news from Wyeth Ireland ( as they have announced an investment of €5 million for their new corporate headquarters in Dublin. These 24 new jobs will be based in the site in Ballycoolin, Dublin. They will be opening 4 new departments :

  • Medical
  • Regulatory
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Operations and Quality.

Which aims to help speed up their time to market with new products.

wyeth pharmaceutical

Wyeth Pharmaceutical Ireland

Currently Wyeth employs over 5,000 people at five locations in Ireland. They have a massive site worth €1.8 billion at the Biotech campus at Grange Castle in West Dublin, Europe’s largest biotech facility. They also have facilities in Newbridge in Co Kildare, Askeaton in Co Limerick and in Sligo.

Friday Article : Psychometric Testing

11 January 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response

Hello again, last week we talked a little about “career coaching” and searching for a new job in the new year. Hopefully that will have gotten you thinking about a possible change Now we are looking towards Psychometric Testing, when you actually apply for this great new job. Psychometric Testing is becoming more and more common place in companies in Ireland, and you should know the background behind it.

Psychometric Testing – The fear factor

Many of you have watched the TV show fear factor. Contestants put to their limits of fear with a variety of tasks like escaping from a car submerged in a swimming pool or eating a variety of insects and animal parts. One task never to make the show but strikes more fear than most other tasks is psychometric testing. Psychometric testing is popular but becoming even more popular with organisations to help them assess and select the right employee. Traditionally used by Multinationals it is now common to be assessed by many SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e. companies with under 250 employees).

taking psychometric tests

What is psychometric testing?

It is the area of study concerning the measurement of “psychological” aspects of a person including personality, skills, ability and knowledge. Typically most jobseekers will come across ability or aptitude tests (numerical and verbal tests), occupational personality questionnaire or assessment centres. Today most organisations who want to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment will consider these tools. They have moved beyond traditional interview and references because of the high failure rates and the associated costs.
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