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January 07 2008 Roundup Beartie Looking towards EU Job

7 January 2008 | Ireland | 5 Responses

Over the weekend there have been some interesting articles in the papers.

Computer Graduate Shortage

The first one from talks about how there is a desperate shortage in computer graduates. And how that now companies are being forced to hire people from overseas. I guess this is the knock on from the IT downturn, 4 years ago, when the students would have been starting their degrees in 2003, the IT sector was just crawling out of the dot COM fallout. The students of the time stopped applying to do IT courses, and now there is a big gap in the market. The article can be read here.

Look back on 2007 by Fiona O’Brien

And then there is an interesting interview with Fiona O’Brien from Lenovo Ireland (, where she looks back at the year 2007. She mentions the challenges that will face the jobs industry in 2008 in Ireland.

Bertie looking towards an EU Position ?

And then there is a short article at which states that Bertie Ahern isn’t ruling out a possible move to work at the EU. He is the second most qualified politican in Europen (apparently). Maybe this will be the end of Bertie seeking more money for his Dáil position !

bertie to work for the EU ?

With his magnetic people skills he will certainly get the job ! 😉

Friday Article : Career Coaching – Thinking inside the box

4 January 2008 | Ireland | 1 Response

Happy New Year to all our readers, here is the first article of the year from Paul Mullan from . He has penned a great article this week all about Career Coaching. In his first article on the topic, he explains why you start to “Think Inside the Box” in order to find that new job in the New Year. Paul will give you lots to think about and hopefully you will find your suitable 2008 career change !

Career Coaching in Ireland

For many individuals job dissatisfaction will mean a rush to the nearest company emergency exit. January signals the New Year and traditionally quite a bit of unrest and dissatisfaction with employees and many of these employees become job seekers. This time of year can be crazy in the job market and I always stress caution as I regularly meet employees in March/April time saying “I should never have left my old job” or “I have jumped from the frying pan into the fire”. Job seekers should be careful that they do not get caught up in all the job mayhem and ensure that they had some thought and preparation before taking action. Unlike the January retail sales there is no returns section in the Job Market.

Analyse this – Seeking the right job

Too many job seekers enter the job market without any real clarity or direction and this can spell disaster. If you don’t know what is missing in your career, what is wrong with your current job or what you want in your career how can you possibly find a solution and fix this? Sounds simple but we ignore the simple things. Before you even think about looking at a job board online or talking to a recruitment agency take some time to analyse your current situation. This is the foundations for any successful venture into the job market or this thought process may help you realise that things are not as bad as you thought and it is actually the fact that you over-spent and over ate at Christmas that is causing dissatisfaction.

Think inside the box & get the right job

Identifying what the problem is or your career goal is essential. When you have completed this, ask yourself if you have to leave your current company for resolution. The answer may still be yes but the point is to think inside the box before you think outside. Read the rest of this entry »

Answering Difficult Job Interview Questions

26 December 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Seeing as news on jobs in Ireland over the Christmas is a little slow, we have decided to bring some video tutorials. This is an interesting video that covers some of those tricky interview questions. It often happens that an interviewer will pose some difficult questions to make you think and even try to catch you out during the interview. This video was created by Monster recruitment (

getting on well at a job interview

Tricky Interview Questions

The following are the questions that are covered in the video:

  • What is your biggest weakness ?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Tell me about yourself.

You should think about preparing, and writing down some answers to these questions. Also is is advisable that you practise these answers. Do remember that Irish companies don’t always follow the traditional interview technique and will pose many different types of questions.

Good news for Novartis ?

17 December 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Good news for Novartis ?

Earlier this year, back in October 2007, Novartis ( , the pharmaceutical giant announced said that they had plans to cut their numbers worldwide by 2.5%. They have already cut 1,200 sales and marketing positions in the US, which will save them an estimated $230 million. These cuts are blamed on incerased competition and a lower than expected sales growth.

jobs at risk at novartis

There is another 1,300 job cuts planned. In Ireland, Novartis has over 600 employees are in Cork and Waterford but today they said that they are not planning on major job cuts. Most of the Irish jobs will be saved, but no concrete numbers have so far been released. It will be fingers crossed this Christmas for the staff of Novartis.

200 Christmas jobs for Dominos

7 December 2007 | Ireland | 5 Responses

When most of us will be eating or turkey dinner in 18 days time, other people will be laughing all the way to the bank with their brown wages envelope. Dominos Pizza ( has plans to create 200 full and part-time jobs over the festive season. These jobs will be in their 32 branches right across the country. Christmas time is one of the busiest seasons for the company, the director of operations Patricia Thomas

“Many people choose to enjoy Domino’s Pizza during this season of celebrations”

So if you are looking for Christmas Work to pay off those credit card bills, then maybe you should contact your local store. Thomas continues

“A job at Domino’s can offer the money, the fun and also the chance of a longer-term opportunity,”

dominos pizza ireland

Friday Article : What to do before you look for a New Job

7 December 2007 | Articles | 2 Responses

While Paul Mullan is taking a break, the other Paul, Paul Savage, editor in chief, will be brining your some interesting topics. Today’s topic is about when should you start looking for a job ? What signs should you be aware of, that may start to hint that you are ready for a move. Moving jobs is not a decision to be taken likely, but with a little of strategic planning it can be that little bit easier.

Unhappy at Work ?

If you have found that you no longer feel anyway happy with your job, then it may be time to change. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t like, or that you personally are not interested in. So what are the reasons you are unhappy with your job ? Is it because of the lack of challenge, issues with your colleagues or boss or is it just that you are not getting compensated enough ? The first step is to understand what is it that is making you unhappy in your job, and once you know this, you can take steps to fix it. Ideally it would be best to discuss these issues with your boss. Many employers that I have worked with, wish that their employees would communicate better with them. If you take the view point of an employer for a moment, you will see that loosing a member of staff is a very costly event. Suddenly they need to interview and pick a replacement, then they have to do training and support until the new employee is efficient and capable in their job. So brining your concerns to your boss is recommended.

What to when you have troubles at work

Talking to your boss

So now you have opened a communication dialogue with your boss. If you find that s/he is unresponsive to this then maybe you do need to look for a new job ! (if so see next paragraph) Ultimately you want your employer to know your concerns and goals for your future in the company. If you feel very passionately about something that is wrong with the company, maybe you should tone it down a little before you go to the boss. Try to be objective in your analysis of your situation. It is important that you align with your boss as to the reasons why you are unhappy in work, and explain to them the how you feel. Try to find out what is your bosses plans for you, do they think you need to do training, is there a part of your performance that can be improved on, what is their general opinion of your work, etc. By discussing your concerns you should be able to find out what your boss thinks of you. Do they feel you have reached a plateaux and can’t develop further or is there room for improvement. Read the rest of this entry »

Bristol-Myers Squibb to cut 10% worldwide

6 December 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Bristol-Myers Squibb to cut 10% worldwide

The biotechnology and speciality drugs manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb ( has announced plans for a worldwide restructuring plan which would lead to a cut of 10% of it’s 43,000 worldwide workforce. This news comes after a rocky time in September this year when the CEO, Peter Dolan, was sacked amid investigations of wrong doings.

Bristol-Myers Squibb job cuts

Bristol-Myers Squibb has been in Ireland since 1964 and has two operation plants in Dublin, one in Swords and another in Mulhuddart. There has not, as of yet, been any announcement of job looses in Ireland. But it is expected some of the 4,300 proposed cuts will be from their plants in Dublin.

Norkom Technologies add IT jobs in Dublin

3 December 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Norkom Technologies add IT jobs in Dublin

Good news has come today from Norkom Technologies ( who have announced plans to invest €11.4 million over the next 2 years and brining over 100 highly skilled IT positions (money laundering detection, fraud detection, etc). Norkom produces computer software for financial organisations, mainly focusing on anti-crime protection. The company already employs over 130 people in Dublin and with the help of Enterprise Ireland (to the tune of €4 million) they will be expanding their base and looking for highly skilled IT personal.

norkom ireland add jobs

Minister Micheal Martin said that Norkom was a true Irish success story :

“Its impressive track record and capability are strong endorsements of its ambition and potential to achieve scale and become a truly internationalised Irish software company in the near future”

Norkom Jobs

For details of jobs at Norkom you can check here for the jobs listing in Dublin. Or alternatively you can send your CV to They have job openings in many areas including engineering, marketing & finance.

Friday Article : A New Year, A New Job

30 November 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Friday Article : A New Year, A New Job

This article is the 13th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Paul will be off on a well deserved break and will be back in early 2008. If you have a question you can reply to the article at the end, Paul promises to respond to all your queries. The other articles can be found here in our articles section.

Career Coaching – A New Year with a new career.

I found the results of a recent poll by an online recruitment site interesting but not surprising. The poll indicated that 6% of Irish workers who responded loved their jobs. 58% of respondents were considering a complete career change in the New Year. 17% were considering a complete change but not in the immediate future. 14% were not considering a career change because the considered it too much time an effort. The final 5% said they would not consider a complete career change because they could not afford a drop in salary. What category do you fit in? This article will give some points and advice for each of the categories except the 6% who love their job of course.

partying at the office

58% – Considering a complete career change

If you are considering a complete career change I congratulate you and encourage you to take action. It is important to prepare and plan effectively. The reality is that many in this category will make the wrong move and find themselves back in the 58% once again. Many employees drift from one career to another in the hope of career fulfilment and achievement. If you are considering a complete career change take the time to understand yourself to ensure they take the right road. It is important to explore areas such as your interests, how you prefer to work, your values and true motivation. Remember – if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.

Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Article : Interview Coaching Part 3

23 November 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Friday Article : Interview Coaching Part 3

Last Friday we continued to talk about Interview Questions, and here is the 3rd and final part about Interview Coaching [1][2]. This article is the 12th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The other articles can be found here in our articles section.

Coaching so far

This is the final post in the series on how to answer difficult questions that frequently arise at interview. There are previous posts on the topic that will provide valuable information on the subject of interviewing.

What goals do you currently have?

Although not set in stone it is probably better to focus on you short to medium term goals rather than long term (but if you have defined long term goals you can use them). This question is often asked at interview as it sounds like a good interview question and nothing more. Skilled interviewers are seeking to find if you have focus and a direction in the various areas of your life. I guess if you are at interview an immediate or short term goal is to secure a job.

getting an offer of a new job

Why did you leave (a current or previous role)?

This question is as certain as death and tax but again many jobseekers meet the question with a blank expression. Have answers prepared for each of your previous roles. Remember be prepared to answer why you joined a company and why you left. I think most of us are aware of the dangers of negativity. Try to keep your answers in a positive context. Remember never talk negatively about a previous boss or employer.

When were you at your most satisfied at work or in a job?

This is question about motivation and what motivates you at work. Think back to when you were excited about a particular project or a certain part of a previous or current role. If applicable use examples to the position you are applying for. You will have examined what motivates you as part of your analysis of what you want in your next job. It is just a case of communicating this clearly to the interviewer.
Read the rest of this entry »

ESB lay off 500 workers

22 November 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Who says that bad news doesn’t come in threes ? First there was C&C, then there was Waterford Crystal, and now it is time for the ESB ( to let some staff go. They have announced plans to axe 500 full time staff, as well as letting go hundreds of contract workers. These plans are due to be phased in over a number of years (3 to 5 years). The main focus of these redundancies will be the network staff.

esb to axe 500 jobs

More about this can be found on the Who will be next to announced their plans ? How many people in Ireland will be looking for a job early next year ? Is this just the tip of the iceberg, we here at think so, but we wish we were wrong. Earlier this year we saw many IT and pharmaceutical companies reduce their numbers, is this now coming into other industries ?

Waterford Crystal confirms job layoffs

21 November 2007 | Ireland | 6 Responses

This evening Waterford Crystal ( representatives have confirmed that they have plans to lay off 490 workers at their plant in Kilbarry, Co Waterford. Worldwide there could be up to 1000 layoffs. They plan to outsource some of the jobs, stating that they are currently uncompetitive in the market. This leaves just 510 workers at the plant, and they will concentrate on the more lucrative higher end and cost competitive products.

job losses to happen at waterford crystal ireland

Chief executive, John Foley said that the job losses were “regrettable”. The reasons for the lay offs were blamed on the poor dollar/euro rate and the higher operating costs in Ireland. A big proportion of Waterford Crystal’s sales go to the US, and with the revenue from these markets falling 30% in the last year, these markets are no longer as lucrative as before. So it’s a sad day for those in the South East.

Celestica bring 120 jobs to Galway

21 November 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses

Good news has come for Galway today from the engineering firm Celestica ( They plan to add 120 jobs at their plant at the Parkmore Industrial Estate, Galway. These jobs will be mainly targeted at chemists, engineers, and specialists in automation and quality control. This will bring their operations to 440 at the Galway location. Celestica produces power supplies that are used in mobile phones and other small electronic devices (iPods, MP3 players and cameras).

inside of the ipod

Here is what the inside of our iPod looks like. The batter is the white piece in the photograph.

C&C to cut 150 jobs Restructuring

19 November 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses

Last rmonth we eported about C&C when they were having problems after a bad summer’s earnings.  Yes, we all remember the rain ! C&C Brewers ( who are the makers of Magners cider, is attempting to save €10 million by letting up to 15% of it’s staff go. C&C has been hit with the diminishing sales despite their attempts this year to enter new markets, like Germany this year.

job losses in the brewing industry

C&C hired 200 new staff to aid with their expansion earlier this year, but now it is feared that they have spread themselves too thin. Last week C&C’s share price reached a 4 year low, with the fears that this news was coming.

Friday Article : Interview Coaching 1

16 November 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Last Friday we started to talk about Interview Preparation, and here is the 2nd part part follow up series about Interview Coaching. This article is the 11th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The other articles can be found here in our articles section.

Coaching so far

Last week we looked at two difficult questions that keep coming up at interview – why should we hire you? and why do you want to work for us? This week we will look at a few more difficult questions and how you can answer them effectively.

What can you offer us that other applicant’s can’t?

Basically this question is asking what are you unique selling points (USP’s) or what makes you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. This information will be identified at preparation in your self assessment. Are there any key skills or personality traits that will help you stand out from other applications. It is important to offer this answer in a structured summary format as many jobseekers tend to ramble on in a bit to say something relevant that strikes a cord with the interviewer. You can take the opportunity to reconfirm that you have the key skills “On top of meeting your key requirements of x, y and z I have ….”

tips on how to well at interviews

What positive attributes would an old boss say you have?

Jobseekers often struggle with this one but think about it logically. Most of us have had positive feedback from an old or current boss or this information may be found in an old written reference of past performance review. If you are a hoarder and keep copies of your references or performance reviews the answers will be written down (if you have these at interview with you – why not read a quote for impact). For those who don’t have written documentation try to remember what was said. You can focus answers targeting the key skills that the employer is seeking but by putting the answer into the context of a previous employer quote can make more impact.
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