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260 Irish Jobs in trouble

12 November 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on 260 Irish Jobs in trouble

News came today that Atlas Aluminium ( will close their office, meaning that 163 people will loose their jobs before Christmas. The company blamed the closure on the loss of some substantial contract recently.

Further concerns this week

There are also concerns today that South Midland Construction, one of Ireland leading and largest civil engineering companies, will go into liquidation. 100 jobs are under pressure for the 40 year old company, who has had up to €70m in annual revenues.

Friday Article : Interview Coaching 1

9 November 2007 | Ireland | 2 Responses

Last Friday we talked a little bit about Interview Coaching, and here is a 3 part follow up series from Paul Mullan. This article is the 10th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The other articles can be found here in our articles section.

Interview Preparation

There is much more to interview preparation than the identification of possible questions and practicing the answers. Interview preparation involves gaining an in-depth understanding the employer, their organisation and needs. It also involves the jobseeker understanding themselves, the CV and how they meet the employer’s needs.

about interview coaching

When I provide interviewing coaching services the area of greatest client interest is potential interview questions that may arise. The reality is that it is impossible to predict what questions will be asked at interview. The fact is that no two interviews are the same or no to interviewers are the same. With this in mind I normally take a different approach to interview coaching. However, for the purpose of the next few articles I am going to look at some questions that do tend to appear more regular.

Why should we employ you?

This is the client asking you to summarise how you meet the job requirements. It is not asking you to babble on about why you are great. This question requires an understanding of the client’s needs and how you can meet them. The best approach is to identify the important skills, competencies and experience that the employer is seeking. Then identify how you meet these needs. If possible add some meat to the answer by providing factual or quantitative data to back up your points.
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Irish Mentality on Working

7 November 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Here is an interesting story/video about a rather industrious lad in Japan. The challenge is to see how many jobs he can do in a day. He starts at 4:20am and finishes at 3:50am and doing so he works in 14 different jobs and travels almost 40km. He ends up with a total pay of 35,900 Yen, which is just over 300 US dollars.

Now this is a rather special case, but how interested are people in Ireland about working. Yesterday we posted that the Irish unemployment rates are on the up, so we wonder if people are actually motivated to find work, or are they that part of society that we call the unemployable ? These people are a drain on society no matter what they do and they are more than willing to be the constant statistic on the live register.

Average length of working in 1 job

Another interesting read today comes from which states that Irish and British employees are the least loyal in Europe.
We tend to move jobs on average every eight years, which is twice as long as the Americans tend to stay. Yes, the average American will change their job every four years. The research was conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. They reported that the Greeks workers tend to stay in one job for almost 13 years, the French employees for 12 and Germans for a 10 years. A nice quote from Mary Keating, senior lecturer in human resources management at Trinity College Dublin, says “In Ireland, it’s much more of a ‘plug and play’ environment“. Are we really like that ?

Irish Workers

So do you think that there are many Irish people working more than 2 jobs ? Or that we are are a society of people who love to jump around jobs, and have a low attention span. Or are we fixed on getting to that perfect dream job and we will jump on as many stones as possible to get to ?

Ireland’s Unemployment Rate at 4.8%

6 November 2007 | Ireland | 4 Responses

Earlier this year we reported that the Irish unemployment rate was hovering around 4.6%, well now it has increased even more and has hit a 4 year high. Currently the rate stands at 4.8%, which was announced by the Central Statistics Office today, the report said the number of people claiming unemployment benefits has risen by 9,000 this year to 164,700, among them about 18,500 people who are working part-time or in casual jobs. They noted that Ireland’s unemployment rate has been gradually building since its recent low point of 4.2 percent, reached in October 2006. The last time figures were so high was in July 2003, but economists expect that the current trend will continue and is predicted to reach 5.5% in 2008. The main reason for the high rate is due to the low public confidence in the Irish economy. Alan McQuaid of Bloxham Stockbrokers, said the air of pessimism was unjustified, and that growth in the economy next year is predicted.

Looking for Work in Ireland

The current average European unemployment rate is 7.3 percent, and Ireland is still well below countries like Germany.

Novell add 40 jobs in Dublin

5 November 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

The major US networks group Novell ( has announced it’s plans to create a European base in Dublin. It will incorporate offices for it’s African, Middle East & European operations in Sandyford, Dublin. This will be the base for their TeleWeb team, which will be responsible for dealing with their EMEA renewals over the internet and telephone. This will bring the numbers to 165 that Novell employs in Sandyford.

New Novell jobs in ireland

A company spokes person sadi that they had picked Ireland over other European and Worldwide locations for the new jobs due to the ‘availability of suitably experience staff and synergies with the existing operations‘. These new jobs are being supported by IDA Ireland.

Friday Article : Interview Coaching

26 October 2007 | Ireland | 4 Responses

Here is the 9th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The other articles can be found here in our articles section.

Interview Coaching – The million dollar question

At my interview coaching sessions the most common request from the jobseeker is “what questions will come up at interview?” That is the million dollar question and the simple answer is that I don’t know. I am a career coach and not a psychic. I joke and say that if they want interview questions then Google it and they will get any amount they want. Good luck with all of them.

Know the answers and not the questions

I take a somewhat different approach when I coach jobseekers on interview preparation. I put focus on; helping the jobseeker understand what an interview is all about, helping them understand the employer and what they want, helping the individual understand themselves – their CV & unique selling points and most importantly helping them match their skills/abilities to what the employer wants. I also work on areas such as fear, confidence, body language and self belief. I feel if these foundations are in place a jobseeker will be well placed to answer any question that will arise.
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Ireland-Britain travel will require passport

24 October 2007 | Ireland | 6 Responses

Plans are in place to end the Common Travel Area between Ireland and Britain, which has existed since the foundation of the State, and they hope to have it in place in 2009. A report from RTÉ says :

This means that anyone travelling between Ireland and Britain will need to carry a passport so that information about their movements will be available to authorities

This is all in an effort to track illegal immigrants and criminals as well as suspected terrorists moving between the two countries unnoticed. It has been mentioned that there are no plans to implement this between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland borders, due to technical implementation reasons. I wonder does that mean now that Ireland will join the Schengen Agreement? From Wikipedia:

The United Kingdom and Ireland are the only two EU members to not have signed the Schengen Agreement: both have an opt-out from the agreement. The two countries share a Common Travel Area with no border controls. Ireland is thus unable to join the agreement without dissolving this agreement with the UK, and thus incurring border controls at its land border with Northern Ireland

new measures for passport control

Do you think it is a good thing ? Is it about time we really were separated from England ?

Ireland may not go for the Blue Card

24 October 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses

It has been reported today that Ireland and some other EU countries like the UK & Denmark may not vote to approve the EU’s new program, called the Blue Card (after the EU flag colour) visa work system. It is planned that it will be based on the US Green Card system. Ireland already has a Green Card system in place, see It’s aim is to attract more skilled labourers to live within the 27-country bloc and fill 20 million jobs in the next 20 years.

Blue card holders and their families would be able to live, work and travel within the EU. The EU said the proposal is meant to bring in more immigrants with skills in the engineering and computer technology sector in particular. Another aim is to compete with the U.S. for some of the best brains in the world, the BBC reports.

European Commissioner for Justice Franco Frattini, who is pushing the proposal, said that only five per cent of all skilled labour migrates to the EU while more than half goes to the U.S.

blue card in ireland

The plan has reportedly been met with some controversy over fears that it could trigger brain drains in poorer countries. The U.K., Denmark and Ireland may opt out of the plan, Reuters reported.

Below are some key points of the proposal plan:

  • The employer will have to prove the job cannot be filled by an EU citizen.
  • Applicants must have a job offer of at least a one-year contract and be qualified to fill the post.
  • The work contract must offer a wage that is at least triple the minimum wage in the country where the job is to be located.
  • The blue card would remain valid as long as the holder has a job. If the holder loses his or her job, it remains valid for up to three months of unemployment.
  • Blue card holders will have the same social and employment rights as EU citizens, as well as the right to bring in families. They can also move to any other EU country if they find a new job there after two years of legal residence in the first member state.
  • They would be treated like EU nationals for tax benefits and pensions payment when moving to another country.

2008 Tax Rises

23 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on 2008 Tax Rises

It has been reported today that Brain Cowen should raise taxes in 2008. Yeah we all say, but who is really calling for this ? Well the Economic and Social Research Institute ( said today that the Minister for Finance should not rule out raising taxes in December’s Budget to fund the high level of public spending next year. The Institute today warned that there are more problems on the horizon in Ireland, one of them being Ireland high minimum wages, and the effect it will have if the economy continues to slowdown. They fear that many employers will struggle more in 2008.

FAI to axe Staunton ?

22 October 2007 | Ireland | 3 Responses

The recent 1-1 draw between Republic of Ireland and Cyprus soccer teams, there has been mounting pressure on Steve Staunton (current Irish manager) to step away. Ireland has failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 championships and there have been calls for Steve’s head. Staunton’s uncertain future has manifested talks of Sunderland boss Roy Keane taking the position, but he insists he is more than content at The Stadium of Light. “Would I consider the Ireland job? I’ve got enough on my plate to even consider it,” Keane said yesterday.”I’m enjoying the challenge here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.We have great plans for the club.

free tickets for a manager

The FAI (Football Association of Ireland), have called an emergency board meeting for Tuesday to discuss their position.

So anyone want to be a football manager ? We’re sure there isn’t many people out there that could possibly do any worse !

Edit (24.10.2007): Steve Staunton has been sacked officially, you can read more here on RTÉ news ! Personaly I feel sad for Stan, I’ve met the guy and even had drinks with him and he is an all round top guy. I think he had a hard task to do, maybe he slightly underperformed, but at the end of the day more blame should be on the players IMHO. Stan was just a scape goat, adios amigo !

Boston Scientific worries

21 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Boston Scientific worries

Once again we have been a little bit late with the news, and lacking in reporting some of the big stories popping up around Ireland. But no more, we are back and revitalised after a bit of a break and a new outlook on life. So do expect a more regular service from Monday onwards. And here is a quick update about Boston Scientific. 🙂
Since Friday there has been alot of talk in Ireland about Boston Scientific ( and they fact that they plan to cut 13% of it’s global workforce. Boston Scientific are saying that an estimated 2,300 jobs are due to axed. It is expected that the Irish job losses will be minimal, at a fraction of the global percentage cut, which will be spread across the company’s operations 4 operating sites (Cork, Galway, Letterkenny and Tullamore). A spokesperson said today that precise details of the cuts would be made would be decided in the coming weeks, adding that the company had a ‘strong commitment’ to Ireland. Earlier this year the company said it planned to sell the Tullamore plant as part of the sale of its fluid management business.

Friday Article : Redundancy

19 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Friday Article : Redundancy

Here is the 8th part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The other articles can be found here in our articles section.
Is Redundancy the end of the world or the start of a bright future? Read on to find out !

More bad news

National media and news coverage have been bombarding us with doom and gloom in 2007 although some would argue that they have always been doing this. There is coverage of the increases in pricing and inflation, increases in interest rates and the cost of mortgages, the property crash, the wettest summer in history and the end of the Celtic Tiger. A regular feature in the media on a daily basis is redundancy. There have been 17,370 redundancies this year to date which is up 1,637 on this time last year. Engineering & Manufacturing is taking the brunt of this with 5,100 of the redundancies. The most recent announcements have been Coca Cola & Analogue Devices is expected to seek 150 redundancies this week.

redundancy in ireland

Why me?

The thought of redundancy sends shivers down the spine of most employees. The reality of the experience leaves some drowning in defeat and self pity but others find new challenges and experiences. Having worked on a number of projects, helping those who suffered redundancy to find new employment, I am amazed at the different responses and eventual outcomes individual’s experience. So why do employees who suffer redundancy experience different outcomes?
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Friday Article : Interview Strategy

12 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Friday Article : Interview Strategy

Today’s article is written by Paul Savage, the editor of This article is about making sure you have the right mindset when going into an interview. With the right mind set you are much more likely to succeed.

Interview Strategy

It is important to have your goals set before you walk into an interview. You need to think about what you are prepared to take as an offer (money, holidays, bonuses, etc). Having your mind settled and focused will also help to keep you calmer when being interviewed. Composure is the name of the game once you walk in that door. If you are nervous or over anxious, you’re going to come across as desperate. This is something to avoid !

what an irish office is like

Interviewing, goes both ways

Remember that at an interview you are bringing something to the table, namely you. Your interviewer is bringing the job offer to the table. It is also their job to sell the job to you, to explain your responsibilities and expectations and job scenarios. Don’t let an over eager interviewer bully you into doing or saying something you don’t want to. Try to remember that when you go in to an interview, you are not on the back foot, simply because you are looking for something from them, they are also searching for the right candidate. It is important to explain your worries or open questions about the job.
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Intel cut 200 Irish Jobs

11 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Intel cut 200 Irish Jobs

Yesterday according to an Irish Independent report , Intel ( is set to cut 200 jobs, or about 4 percent of the staff, at its Leixlip wafer fabs. Intel employs about 5,000 people at a series of wafer fabs in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. The jobs are mainly involved in flash memory production and will go by the end of the year under a voluntary redundancy program, the report said.

Intel EX

They have been asking workers to step forward and take redundancy by a package of measures that includes six weeks’ pay for each year of service plus statutory benefits.

Nortel add 60 Jobs

11 October 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Nortel add 60 Jobs

Some nice news has emerged today, Nortel ( announced that they are going to create 60 new high-level research jobs in Galway. These jobs will be research based and will be in place over the next 3 years. This will bring the number of workers at the Galway site to 330.

Nortel in Ireland

The jobs follow a US$5m investment by parent company Nortel Networks Corporation into the Galway site last April and is part of a significant research and development (R&D) programme supported by IDA Ireland.