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AIBP open in Monaghan with 120 new Jobs

22 August 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

Good news today for Co. Monaghan, a new beef processing factory is planned to open this week. The new AIBP ( factory will create a total of 120 new jobs. A total of €10 will be invested in the new state of the art plant.

Irish Steak Factory

AIBP Monaghan is subsidiary of IFP which operates 30 facilities throughout Ireland and the UK specialising in chilled, frozen, and microwaveable snack meat products. So it’s good news for the steak lovers in Monaghan !

Firstsource on target in NI

20 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Firstsource on target in NI

We are back to our news peddaling ways today, after a few slow weeks. And today we start off with some good results from the North.

Firstsource (website ??) is an Indian-owned call centre company and have reported that they are well ahead of schedule in creating 1,000 jobs in Northern Ireland. Firstsource set up its first base in Belfast around a year ago and one in Derry in December 2006. They were promising to deliver 1,000 the jobs before 2008.

“We are well ahead of schedule with 950 jobs created so far,” said Sean Canning, Firstsource’s UK operations director as the company celebrated its first anniversary in Belfast.

call center office

More can be read on the [source]. So things are looking good in the call centre industry in Ireland !

Friday Article : Interviews – Ask me no Questions

17 August 2007 | Articles | Comments Off on Friday Article : Interviews – Ask me no Questions

Here is the 2nd part in the series from Paul Mullan of Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at The first part can be read here “why most CVs fail“.

Interviews – Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

A recent survey of HR professionals in the UK highlighted that 86% believed jobseekers were economical with the truth at interview. Another survey seem to confirm these fears and found that 57% of jobseekers think it is acceptable to stretch the truth at interview, 33% exaggerate their key skills, 27% leave out negative information and 27% lie about salaries and benefits. As interestingly the same survey revealed that 1 in 10 of the HR Professionals admitted that they were economical with the truth at past interviews. There now seems to be a culture of deception in recruitment which is accepted as the norm by employees and employers alike.

Why tell lies.

Ultimately the key motivation for lying at interview is the prize of securing the dream job but also there seems to be a satisfaction gained in getting one over the interviewer and the system. Many jobseekers see recruitment as a game with the key purpose being trying to outwit the other party. Increased competition for the top jobs has resulted in many using outright lies to get their prize. This has a knock on effect that many applicants feel they must exaggerate to compete as they expect the competition to be doing it. We only have to look at the Tour De Farce where if you don’t do drugs you won’t challenge.

The Truth

Telling lies – caught out or found out

The biggest problem with lies is that many applicants are caught out while spinning their web of deception. The problem with lies is that you have to tell other lies to cover up your initial lies and the difficulty is remembering them. If found out during the interview process its game over. Do you remember Tre Azam in The Apprentice 2007? During the final stages of the show interviewers believed he was lying on his CV and during his interview which ultimately lead to his downfall. Even worse than getting caught out though is if you are offered the job and are then found out. Lacking the skills and experience to do a job and departing through the emergency exit is not very nice.
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Retirement Troubles Ahead

16 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Retirement Troubles Ahead

In 2026, a meer 19 years from now, one quarter of Irish people will be over the age of 65. The figures from the CSO ( have shown that the number of people over 65 has increased by 54,000 in the last 10 years. This in effect means that three people will be financing one retired person. Is this sustainable ? Is 65 too young for people to be ‘forced’ into retirement ?

Retirement age in Ireland

Although the retirement age in Ireland is not set by law, many public contracted employees have a compulsory retirement age of 65. There are some professions, i.e. Garda , GPs & judiciary who have a mandatory retirement age.

OAP in Ireland

Increasing cost of Retirement

With increasing life expectancy in Ireland, 80 for males and 83 for females, the cost of financing the retired community is set to increase. And then there is the fact that the cost of living in Ireland will only increase. These facts will insure that this topic will be a contentious one for the people of Ireland for many years to come.

Blackout Tuesday & Wednesday from Aer Lingus

14 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Blackout Tuesday & Wednesday from Aer Lingus

A two-day strike planned by Aer Lingus ( pilots next week. It’s likely all of the airline’s flights in and out of the country will be affected and up to 30,000 passengers will be put out. So 200 flights are due to be cancelled and will cause havoc to those planning on travelling early next week.

aer lingus logo

The 480 pilots are staging the 48-hour strike on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in protest at the pay and conditions being offered by the company at its new hub in Belfast. It hasn’t been a great week for Aer Lingus’s PR department after the news came last week that they were dropping the Shannon – Heathrow route which could effect thousands of Irish Jobs. More can be read over at RTÉ.ie

Friday Article : Why most CV’s fail

10 August 2007 | Articles | 6 Responses

Over the next few weeks we will be bring you articles by Paul Mullan from Measurability offers career coaching to individuals looking to change careers as well as companies looking to train their staff for better things. If you have a question you can either leave it here or send Paul an email at

Why most CV’s fail.

The internet is saturated with websites full of advice on CV design and content and everyone seems to be an expert in this area including family and friends. In principle much of this information and advice may be relevant to help create a killer CV and sell yourself effectively but the key issue that seems to be overlooked time and time again is that your CV is not actually about you. Think I’m mad – read on.

resume cover

Is a CV really about you?

Yes your CV will contain information about you under the headings of personal details, value statements, education & training, work history and hobbies but exactly what information should be determined by the job specification and the employer requirements and not by what you want to write. When you understand and embrace this point your CV to interview ratio will increase dramatically.
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Thousands of jobs at risk in the Shannon Area

9 August 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response

With the news yesterday that Aer Lingus were planning on stopping the service between Shannon and Heathrow a warning has come from businesses in the Shannon area.     Some firms have already warned of the potential job losses . According to IBEC, if the Shannon-Heathrow service ends it will effect the viability of up to 20 Irish firms.

The Irish are Happy Workers

6 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on The Irish are Happy Workers

An interesting recent report by FDS International (, a London market research company has some surprising and some not so surprising results about employee satisfaction levels. It says that the French workers are the biggest complainers in the world (quelle suprise, let’s think of all those strikes). Then, the next most disgruntled workers were from Britain, Sweden, the US and Australia. The study found that workers in the Netherlands had the fewest complaints, followed by workers in Thailand and Ireland (amazing but true). Workers in Japan, who have the worst morale, work more hours than most, were among those who complained the least.


The study, entitled “What Workers Want, A Worldwide Study of Attitudes to Work and Work-Life Balance”, interview more than 14,000 employees in 23 countries about such issues as pay levels, average working hours, and work-life balance. The full 28 page report can be seen here. So are you happy with your work in Ireland (or further afield) ?

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6 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Help on Subscribing

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Ireland’s Unemployment Rate at 4.6%

4 August 2007 | Ireland | 9 Responses

The latest figures released by the CSO ( say that Ireland’s Unemployment rate is at the highest it’s been for 3 years. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment also issued new figures showing there were 2,305 redundancies in July. This brings the total for this year up to 15,054 – 8.3pc higher than last year. So the new government is having a hard time in office. New Senator Alan Kelly said “Today’s figures mean that the numbers on the Live Register have now increased by more than 20,000 in two months and are now at the highest level since July 2004“.

Looking for Work in Ireland

The national unemployment rate remains at 4.6pc, but the National Organisation of the Unemployed pointed to a striking gender difference in the latest figures, with 1,100 more men and 300 fewer women now on the register .

Cover Letters Tips Video

3 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Cover Letters Tips Video

If you are looking for some advice about how to put cover letters together, then you should check out this video. It’s a 3 minute slot but he has some really relevant points, we especially like the one where you try to tie in someone you know in the company. This sometimes can be a bit tricky, but using it straight off and saying “Bob Jones has recommended me to contact you about …“. The tip about “don’t forget to include your Resume/CV” is also one worth noting, some companies we’ve worked with get between 10 and 20 cover letters without a CV every week ! The video is after the break Read the rest of this entry »

Xerox to axe 900

1 August 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on Xerox to axe 900

As we mentioned back in December that there was a rumour flying around about redundancies at Xerox ( in Dublin. The plan is to let up to 900 people, in the customer support call centre, go in the next 2 years. Earlier this month Xerox announced plans to outsource this work to IBM from September 2007. Now that is has all gone pear shaped, Xerox will be underwriting the costs of the redundancy plan.


It’s reported that the other 800 jobs in Blanchardstown and Dundalk will remain and that they are not under threat.

In other depressing jobs news, Johnson and Johnson ( have announced that they want to cut between 3%-4% of their global workforce, but it is as of yet, not know how this will effect their 2,500 Irish employee. Stay tuned !

11,000 people for 300 IKEA Jobs

31 July 2007 | Ireland | 7 Responses

An estimated 11 thousand people turned out for interviews over the weekend for a mere 300 jobs at the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA ( This is for the new store opening at the Hollywood Exchange in Belfast. Crazy isn’t it ? I can’t get my head as to why so many people would want to work there. But with further investigation it seems that IKEA are a great company to work for. via Concentration of the Wealthy , it says that IKEA pay higher wages than their competitors and offer benefits and generous wages. So does anyone know what wages they offer ? We also wonder when they will open their Dublin store.

IKEA Queue

Alan in Belfast has some good information saying that the IKEA website at is accepting applications until August 8th (2007).

End of Operation Banner

31 July 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on End of Operation Banner

Today will be the first day in 38 years where the British army, under the code name “Operation Banner“, will be free to deploy their troops to any other part of the world. The troops number 5,000 and in total 300,000 troops served in the north in the 38 years. 3,000 full & part-time troops have been signed off (military for made redundant ??), at a cost of STG £250 million. [source]


and here are some bloggers view on the move read UnitedIrelanderElBlogador.

No Ebay for Sligo

30 July 2007 | Ireland | Comments Off on No Ebay for Sligo

News today came that online auction giant ebay ( has decided not to opt for Sligo as it’s new base, but rather stick with Dublin. Ebay already has 1,200 in Dublin and was looking for another suitable base outside the capital city. The planned 200 new jobs would have been a great help to the county, and the IDA said they are disappointed that they Ebay didn’t follow up their Sligo option.