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Pfizer cut 400 UK Jobs - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Pfizer cut 400 UK Jobs

12 September 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response by paul savage.

Pfizer pharmaceuticals ( has announced that they are closing manufacturing operations in Kent, England. This comes after almost 53 years of operation in the town. Pfizer who makes, the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra , the smoking cessation drug Champix and cholesterol lowering medicine Lipitor.

bye bye pfizer

Pfizer representatives said it is to cease all manufacturing at the site in Sandwich, which is also home to one of its key research and development programmes. Production is expected to move to their other R&D sites either in the US or to Cork, (Ireland).

1 Response

  1. smith said on 7 Mar 2008 at 2:23 am

    it is with great sadness that pfizer sandwich is closing down its operations (production) after 53 years, we are all accountable for waht we do and the key to sandwich closing is the management team that is in place, also the dredded (performance management) anual bonus. this has put mem against men team against team. but this i feel was introduced to create devision amongst people. the management team have spent millions of pounds on crazy projects and been allowed to get away with it for years.they are all power crazy, thinking they are going to climb the ladder so to speak. now they are very bitter that they are also to loose there jobs in the near future. miss management i call it. not listening to people who have worked there all there lives, like my husband with a wealth of knowledge
    uni boffs who think they know it all. not only are they totally useless they look at hitting the small man (shop floor workers) to make them look big.when are they going to wake up to the real world. people need drugs so these big companys need to look at reducing there profits and giving people the chance to purchase at a reasonable price so we can all benifit in one way or another.
    its all about money and big bonuses at christmas for the top people that includes those in america.
    hank got two hundred million dollors for screwing a once great company in to the ground they fired him.i can not put my name to this as my husband still works at sandwich, well for the time being. so im not expecting this to be published on the net. but im sure you understand my i will call myself mrs smith good luck to those who are left you’ll need it.especially those who work in reserch your next trust me, get your heads out of the clouds people and start looking at what is happemning around you.

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