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Quick Headlines 06/09/2009 - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Quick Headlines 06/09/2009

6 September 2009 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Here is a quick round up of what is happening in the Irish business scene at the moment :

  • The American paper manufacturer Georgia-Pacific ( have announced a global restructuring plan , and their plant in Finglas, Co. Dublin will be effected to a tune on 77 job losses. GP produce tissues, packaging and pulp and employ over 45,000 people worldwide.
  • Bausch & Lomb ( announced that they are cutting up to 500  jobs in Scotland, which comes as a bittersweet relief to the 1,000 employees in their Waterford plant. These job losses also come as part of a so called “global restructuring plan”.  Bausch & Lomb are leading producers in the contact lenses market. In Waterford they produce their daily contact lenses products.
  • But it’s not all good news for Waterford. This time Teva Pharmaceutical ( , are letting go 315 of it’s 730 staff. At their Waterford plant they produce inhalers and generic medicine tablets. In a press release from the management it mentions the losses are “due to the challenges of operating in a high cost and difficult economic environment in Ireland”.
  • Irish no frill airline , Ryanair are increasing their baggage again. From the 1st of October 2009, passangers can check in a 2nd bag and get an extra 15kg baggage allowance, but there are extra charges for the privilage. Checking in your first bag when done online will be €15, up €5. The second bag will cost €35, up €15. Things start to get expensive if you check in your bag at the airport, where it will now cost you €30 for your first bag, up €10, and €70 for your 2nd bag, up €50. Ryanair says they are increasing the fees in a way to ‘encourage’ people to only bring hand luggage.
  • Homebond ( , a provider of structural cover for new homes, says that home registration rates have dropped 50% from this time last year. Last month only 50 homes were registered with the service in Dublin, while no homes were registered in Roscommon or Longford.

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