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Quick Talk July 26th 07 - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Quick Talk July 26th 07

26 July 2007 | Ireland | No Responses by paul savage.

Good morning all, here are some quick news picks this morning on the jobs/business front:

  • Ryanair ( have announced that they are going ahead with their Belfast expansion, and they have plans to create 270 new jobs. The new flights will be between Belfast City Airport and East Midlands, Glasgow and Liverpool all starting from November. [source].
  • Gordon Brown has hinted that there might be a reduction in the Northern Ireland minimum wage. He wants to set the minimum wage at 5.35 across the UK. This will lead to a reduction in NI, Scotland, Wales and the north east of England. This I’m sure will be one decision that won’t be welcomed with open arms. [source]
  • Hotels in Ireland had a bad year last year. The article states that the average hotel room in Dublin in 2006 cost €136. Profits on hotel rooms was down from 18.3% in 2004 to 17.1% in 2006. [source]
  • IT Skills Lacking , is what an article from Siliconrepublic ( is saying this morning. More and more higher IT professionals are having a hard time finding top quality IT candidates. Also many companies (1 in 3) cite their high employee turnover as a leading problem for their business. Talent Partners (who commissioned the report) have said that 79% of companies said they need to improve the “way identify, hire and retain high performers” and 15% rate themselves as poor or very poor at it. [source]. It also doesn’t look like the number of candidates will change, according to this. What does this mean for the Irish IT industry ? Here is another example from an Irish companies blog.

Interestingly none of last four people that we hired to the consulting group came from Ireland. There were two from the UK, one from Canada and one from Malaysia. Why is that? Because we can’t find qualified people in Ireland.

news bytes from today

Now it’s time for some chocolate for breakfast this Thursday morning.

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