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Friday Article : What to do before you look for a New Job - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

Friday Article : What to do before you look for a New Job

7 December 2007 | Articles | 2 Responses by paul savage.

While Paul Mullan is taking a break, the other Paul, Paul Savage, editor in chief, will be brining your some interesting topics. Today’s topic is about when should you start looking for a job ? What signs should you be aware of, that may start to hint that you are ready for a move. Moving jobs is not a decision to be taken likely, but with a little of strategic planning it can be that little bit easier.

Unhappy at Work ?

If you have found that you no longer feel anyway happy with your job, then it may be time to change. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t like, or that you personally are not interested in. So what are the reasons you are unhappy with your job ? Is it because of the lack of challenge, issues with your colleagues or boss or is it just that you are not getting compensated enough ? The first step is to understand what is it that is making you unhappy in your job, and once you know this, you can take steps to fix it. Ideally it would be best to discuss these issues with your boss. Many employers that I have worked with, wish that their employees would communicate better with them. If you take the view point of an employer for a moment, you will see that loosing a member of staff is a very costly event. Suddenly they need to interview and pick a replacement, then they have to do training and support until the new employee is efficient and capable in their job. So brining your concerns to your boss is recommended.

What to when you have troubles at work

Talking to your boss

So now you have opened a communication dialogue with your boss. If you find that s/he is unresponsive to this then maybe you do need to look for a new job ! (if so see next paragraph) Ultimately you want your employer to know your concerns and goals for your future in the company. If you feel very passionately about something that is wrong with the company, maybe you should tone it down a little before you go to the boss. Try to be objective in your analysis of your situation. It is important that you align with your boss as to the reasons why you are unhappy in work, and explain to them the how you feel. Try to find out what is your bosses plans for you, do they think you need to do training, is there a part of your performance that can be improved on, what is their general opinion of your work, etc. By discussing your concerns you should be able to find out what your boss thinks of you. Do they feel you have reached a plateaux and can’t develop further or is there room for improvement.

Looking for a new job

If so after all these steps, you feel that the situation isn’t getting better then you should start looking for a job. As we’ve said, life is too short to spend 40 hours or more a week doing something that makes you unhappy. You do need to be strategic about finding a new job. It is always better to be in a position of power when going for a job, and some tips for being there are given here :

  1. It is much better to have a current employer before you start to look for your next one !
  2. Being prepared, research about the job and the company before you apply.
  3. Tailor your CV & Cover Letter to suit what they want.
  4. Be prepare to talk about why you are leaving your current job.
  5. Don’t be too quick to lay all your cards on the table. Remember the interview is a two way process, it’s not just you asking for a job, rather you are offering your skills in return for an salary from the company.

These are just some of the points that you should be aware of when thinking of applying for a new job. We will discuss these a little bit more next week ! Until then, stay cool !

2 Responses

  1. Sam W said on 7 Dec 2007 at 5:40 pm

    I feel like that guy in the picture, my boss is totally useless ! I can’t talk to him and I think that I will be looking for a new job, maybe in Dublin coming next year.

  2. Teta said on 21 May 2008 at 11:36 am

    I feel worse than him coz, my Boss is not just usless he’s intimidating, stressful & very very annoying. You’ll have to master the patient of Job in the Bible in order to work with him. Unfortunately, people now-a-days don’t have those caracteristicts. Sometimes, I ask God, why he had to gave me this kind of Boss.

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