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Irish Mentality on Working

7 November 2007 | Ireland | 1 Response by paul savage.

Here is an interesting story/video about a rather industrious lad in Japan. The challenge is to see how many jobs he can do in a day. He starts at 4:20am and finishes at 3:50am and doing so he works in 14 different jobs and travels almost 40km. He ends up with a total pay of 35,900 Yen, which is just over 300 US dollars.

Now this is a rather special case, but how interested are people in Ireland about working. Yesterday we posted that the Irish unemployment rates are on the up, so we wonder if people are actually motivated to find work, or are they that part of society that we call the unemployable ? These people are a drain on society no matter what they do and they are more than willing to be the constant statistic on the live register.

Average length of working in 1 job

Another interesting read today comes from which states that Irish and British employees are the least loyal in Europe.
We tend to move jobs on average every eight years, which is twice as long as the Americans tend to stay. Yes, the average American will change their job every four years. The research was conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. They reported that the Greeks workers tend to stay in one job for almost 13 years, the French employees for 12 and Germans for a 10 years. A nice quote from Mary Keating, senior lecturer in human resources management at Trinity College Dublin, says “In Ireland, it’s much more of a ‘plug and play’ environment“. Are we really like that ?

Irish Workers

So do you think that there are many Irish people working more than 2 jobs ? Or that we are are a society of people who love to jump around jobs, and have a low attention span. Or are we fixed on getting to that perfect dream job and we will jump on as many stones as possible to get to ?

1 Response

  1. guinness416 said on 8 Nov 2007 at 1:50 am

    Good god, from the perspective of an Irish person in Canada, if you’re staying in one place for eight years you’re leaving an awful lot of money on the table. Among my colleagues every three to four years would be common.

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