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What did you want to be ? - Irish Job News - News on Jobs for Ireland

What did you want to be ?

26 January 2010 | Ireland | 1 Response by paul savage.

After watching this old video on youtube, it got me thinking about how happy people are in their jobs, and are they really doing what they intended.

Are you doing the job you always expected you would do ? Are you better off or worse for doing it ? If you are not doing the job you wanted to, tell me what is stopping you get there ? I would love to hear from people with their thoughts on these things.

1 Response

  1. kieran said on 2 Mar 2010 at 8:15 am

    i was under the influence growing up in ireland that it was going to be hard to get good wages for doing a hard days work , but that all changed for a few years it seemed there was plenty of money for everyone , but ultimately the price was paid , mass unemployment , i am a 40 year old unemployed married father of 2 children under 10 years of age my wife is also out of work , we have both good educational backgrounds my wife studied to be an irish teacher , i am a qualified motorcycle mechanic i have a degree in engineering and i am starting my third career change in computing , but i have no idea what i will be doing in 6 months time , is this my fault .? no we are the people that have bent over backwards to suit the economic conditions in this country and what is our reward ??? you tell me !

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