Green Cards in Ireland

Finding Information on Work Permits

How to get an Irish Green Card

It is now possible to apply for the right to work in Ireland, via the Irish Green Card program. Either you can apply yourself or your employer can apply on your behalf. This section is currently being rewritten for accuracy.

Waiting Time

Processing times can be anywhere from between 5-8 weeks. The latest reports we have is that they are closer to 5 weeks right now.

Green Card Lawyer

You may ask yourself do you need a lawyer to successfully apply and receive a green card, the simple answer is no. But using a lawyer who is qualified in "Immigration Law" might be of help. In many cases circumstances are not straight forward, and using a lawyer or legal counsel could help you avoid mistakes. In the end your application is something that needs to be taken serious and done correctly. For this reason we would recommend you see a lawyer for your green card application.

Irish Green Card Info

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