Permits for Working in Ireland

Finding Information on Work Permits

How to get an Irish Work Permit

If you are an EEA citizen then you do not need to have a special permit to work in Ireland. People of out countries will need a permit to work, for this contact the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. It should be noted that Ireland will not consider new work permit applications from employers, unless the employer is seeking to employ highly qualified (doctors, engineers) or highly specific personnel. Also there needs to be a demonstrable and verified shortage of such staff in the labour market.

Here are some (typically lower skilled) jobs that are not eligible for foreign work permits to being issued:

  • Hospitality Jobs (hotel, tourism, catering)
  • Retail Sales Staff
  • Drivers (bus/coach/taxi/lorry)
  • etc.
Jobs that require a University education i.e. Banking/Engineering/Medicine have a higher chance of being granted a permit.

Current Status in Ireland (Green Cards / Work Permits)

In January 2007, the government introduced a new system, the Irish Green Card Program. This allows both employers and employees to apply for a permit to work and live in Ireland. The main conditions for the position are the following:

  1. The job offer (contract offer) is for at least 2 years
  2. Wages for the job are above €30,000 per year
  3. The job you apply for is on the list of approved green card jobs
If you don't qualify for all of these points your application will be turned down.

Further Reading on Work Permits

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